About us:

Quality and craftsmanship is what we are all about. From rough framing to fine finishes we are extremely detailed.
We specialize in residential remodeling, custom carpentry and home repairs. We build custom pieces that fit any dimension of your home to create harmony and flow.
Want to do something drastic, artistic or amazing to your home? Well, let us take that challenge and see that your vision becomes reality. 

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About the Owner:

Dan is a highly skilled carpenter, remodeler, designer and ultra handy man.
He started in 1994 building and framing new homes for TMI Construction. There he learned the ins and outs of building and framing up new homes. Even though Dan now specializes in remodeling, that aspect sets him apart from others. He has a strong background in framing and knows how the house is actually constructed and what is behind the sheetrock walls. This is extremely helpful in many applications including determining structural changes

 After Dan has worked as a framing carpenter for many years, he decided that he needed to know more aspects of the trades. He set out and found work in the remodeling field. There he learned the other half of home building. Plumbing, sheetrock, tile, doors, windows, trim, paint, finish work, etc. With a combined knowledge of new and remodeling experience, it may just be any easy choice.
“It’s all about sitting back and admiring the finished product” Dan says. “That’s what drives me, making something beautiful that you can step back and admire and the clients can enjoy for years and years. “That is the reward for a little more thought and effort”.

--------------------------------- “Do it once, Do it right“-------------------------------------------